Welcome! My name is Maddy. I am 20 years old, a Gryffindor student, and a "go big or go home" type of person. My partner in crime is a 17 yr old Quarter Horse gelding named Blue and even if I've grown out of him (he's only 14.2 hands tall), he's my forever pony :)

My obsessions include Disney, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, everything Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter, superheroes, horses, and photography. I do believe in fairies, I believe in Sherlock Holmes, that bow ties are cool, and if it's not broken, don't fix it.

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Achievement Huntress

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  • Me: I should read some books I should get back into being the bookworm I was as a kid
  • Me: [rereads fanfic about dean n cas doin butt stuff]


John Barrowman on meeting Benedict Cumberbatch. (x)

He is basically us.


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aou cast text posts | sdcc 2014 edition





Fudge recipe on a headstone

I feel like I should make this just to be able to say a dead person taught me how to make it. Maybe I’ll do it for Halloween.

I desperately hope that she spent her entire life telling people that they could have her fudge recipe “over my dead body.”

That last comment is absolutely worth reblogging.

Favorite missing book quotes "I forge’ the details," Hagrid chortled.

Why are you doing this? Why?

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My day with Ashley in review :) Since she hates me posting photos of her, I’ll just post the pictures of Pike Place Market #Seattleadventure

I’m honored to have been photo bombed by this lady. She gives me hope.


Get to know me meme → [4/5] current celebrity crushes → Chris Pratt

Just be yourself and forget all of the stuff you read in ‘GQ’ magazine.

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